Exclusive “WOLFCOP” pics: Here comes the fuzz!


A new breed of law-enforcement officer is getting ready to attack theaters, and we’ve got some exclusive looks at him. Jump past the jump for photos of the title character from the upcoming horror/comedy WOLFCOP, plus comments from his creators.

Set for release via Cineplex Entertainment in Canada June 6, WOLFCOP (which we last reported on here) stars Leo Fafard as eponymous small-town policeman Lou Garou. According to the official synopsis, “Lou hasn’t taken his job seriously in years. He drinks too much and when bad things happen he looks the other way. One night, acting out of character, Lou follows up on a disturbance call in a remote area, but shortly after arriving on the scene he blacks out. When he wakes up he can’t remember anything, his senses are heightened, he has odd markings on his body and his hair is growing at a rapid rate. That night, Lou’s transformation from man into rage-fueled werewolf takes shape.

“During the day, Lou struggles to remain in control, both of his drinking, his newfound powers and the dangerous situations all around him. In an attempt to uncover the truth, he enlists the help of Willie, the town’s local conspiracy theorist, who knows a lot about the werewolf’s curse. Together the two work to try and uncover the mystery of who did this to Lou…and for what dark reasons. The only question is, will Lou be able to make things right before his inner monster takes control again?”

WOLFCOP was written and directed by Lowell Dean (3rd photo below), who says, “My vision for WOLFCOP was always somewhere between monster and antihero. I wanted the look to be a homage to the practical-effects werewolves of the past, characters like Lon Chaney Jr.’s Wolf Man and Michael J. Fox as Teen Wolf—but with a violent twist, hence the ridiculously large claws.”

The movie’s FX were created by Emersen Ziffle, who has worked on films like CHAINED and CURSE OF CHUCKY and combined Dean’s cues inspirations with his own. “I was influenced by the latest version of the Wolfman, done beautifully by Rick Baker and Dave Elsey—a less doglike, more human werewolf. How would the imagination see a werewolf cop? I feel we delivered on that while remaining unique within the genre.”

The process of turning Fafard into the hairy arm of the law took a couple of hours each day, and with the actor buried under foam latex and acrylic hair, “We were worried about Leo overheating,” Ziffle says. “But shooting in November in Saskatchewan [Canada] kept him just cool enough. We actually almost froze his fingers a few times because the resin claw tips acted as a cold conduit, wicking the heat from his fingertips.”

The WolfCop will be traveling to fan and comics conventions in Vancouver (April 18-20), Calgary (April 24-27) and Regina (May 3-4), where Ziffle will transform Fafard for photo ops. Watch a production video revealing how WolfCop evolved from concept to screen below the pics, and visit the movie’s official website and Facebook page.




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