Exclusive Track Premiere: Bleach Everything’s Metal Tribute to Mothra!


Bleach Everything—the horror culture-obsessed hardcore punk quartet featuring past and present members of Jesuit, Iron Reagan, Supression, and FANGORIA favs Corn on Macabre—returns this week for a crazy brutal split with blackened metalcore mainstays The Infamous Gehenna entitled HEAVY METAL SUICIDE, which includes a love letter to that most esteemed of Kaijū, the mighty Mothra.  

“’Silk and Scales’ came about after an iPad session with one of my nieces before she could speak many words,” Bleach Everything frontman Brent Eyestone tells FANGORIA. “I was showing her as many of the things that I liked as possible and she became most excitable when we started diving into all things Mothra. She loved the colors, the sounds, the movement, the accompanying fairies…everything. When we stumbled on the REBIRTH OF MOTHRA era of the recurring theme song that the fairies sing in Mothra’s honor, it was game over. She would play it incessantly, often singing “Mosura ya Mosura” full-tilt at the top of the chorus. 

“Once it became time to pen the lyrics for what would become Bleach Everything’s own tribute to Mothra, I tried to view all of my knowledge of this particular Kaiju with both my niece’s sense of wonder/possibility and my own adult cynicism and analysis,” he adds. “In a way, Mothra is near and dear to my heart because she is the ultimate environmentalist and protector of the planet. She’s altruistic and seems to crave a simpler way of going about her years spent here. At the same time, she’s got to pay the bills as an actor, and often has to take on roles that involve excessive levels of violence, environmental/resource depletion, and total destruction of everything in her path for work. In my own life, while I’d love to peacefully live around my little sliver of the ocean in a sustainable fashion, the cost of entry makes me take on similar conflicts. I supplement my idealism toward peace, sustainability, and tranquility with needing to be violently fake on stage and on records that deplete natural resources every time we issue something new. Mothra and I like to fancy ourselves as environmental defenders, but we end up being possibly even bigger destroyers than our peers. It’s possible that we wreck more than we fix… and that’s a heavy dichotomy to bring back to our respective islands at night.”

FANGORIA is pleased to exclusively premiere “Silk and Scales” below…

You can order HEAVY METAL SUICIDE on vinyl here or digitally here.

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