Exclusive trailer, premiere news: Living-dead short “THE END OF MARA”


Filmmaker Kim Garland closes out her Resurrection Trilogy of short films about the deceased returning to life with THE END OF MARA. Read on for an exclusive look at the trailer and word of the movie’s world premiere.

THE END OF MARA, which follows up Garland’s VIVIENNE AGAIN (2012) and DEAL TRAVIS IN (2013), will have its debut screening June 2 at the New York International Short Film Festival, which tkes place at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Elena Hurst, Samrat Chakrabarti and Kate Rogal star; according to the official synopsis, “THE END OF MARA is a supernatural thriller about Mara, a woman whose husband Dimitri suddenly died but then inexplicably returned from the dead. Dimitri is now being hunted by an underground group seeking to imprison him, while a supernatural perimeter keeps Dimitri trapped on Manhattan Island. With the help of Fay, a tracker for this villainous group, Mara and Dimitri stay one step ahead of imprisonment or, most likely, worse. As time runs out for them, they have to choose between trying to breach the perimeter to escape the island or to continue hiding and staying on the run.”

“We’re very excited about the premiere of THE END OF MARA and to see the Resurrection Trilogy complete,” says Garland, who shot all three entries in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen area. “It’s especially meaningful to have the premiere in New York City—these stories have New York in their DNA. The first films of the trilogy, VIVIENNE AGAIN and DEAL TRAVIS IN, also premiered in New York and were warmly received, so we feel this is a great opportunity for us to premiere the final film at home as well.”

For more on THE END OF MARA, see the official website and Facebook page, and also check out the Resurrection Trilogy’s official site.


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