Exclusive trailer, photos: “THE DARK MILITARY” goes on a rampage

A survival-challenge experience becomes truly life-or-death when THE DARK MILITARY becomes involved. We’ve got the exclusive first look at the trailer (with a bit of NSFW language) and a few new pics after the jump.

In THE DARK MILITARY, which we first told you about here, a group of people sign up to take part in an on-line program called SURVIVAL GROUNDS, in which they’re taken to a remote area and relieved of their cell phones. But the threat turns out to be very real when a vicious group calling themselves the Dark Military starts stalking and killing them, while the world watches on-line and a police force tries to locate them and stop the slaughter. Loren W. Lepre makes his feature writing/directing debut on the movie, and the cast is headed by R. Marcos Taylor (Suge Knight in STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON), Cabrina Collesides, Lamar Bumbrey, John Woods, Gina Marie Scholl, James Donahue, Eric Foxhill, Shannon Sexton and Cory Kastle.

“The movie is coming along well in post, and should be ready by early fall,” Lepre tells Fango. “Bad Luck 13 just wrote the first song for the soundtrack, and we’re shooting a music video with them in the next month. The theme will be the Dark Military fighting the band, along with clips from the movie. Alex Vincent from CHILD’S PLAY just did a cameo for the film, and more cameos from our favorite horror icons in the works. I’m not one to drop names until the scenes are shot and paid for, but we’ll let you know soon.”

For more, head over the THE DARK MILITARY’s Facebook page.




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