Exclusive trailer, photos: A “BIG BAD” werewolf on the Prowl


Who’s afraid of the BIG BAD? The characters in a new film set for summer release, though viewers are intended to laugh as much as scream. See an exclusive trailer and pics after the jump.

Indican Pictures gave Fango the word that BIG BAD will howl in theaters July 8, and then go to DVD and VOD August 16. Directed by Opie Cooper from a script he wrote with Daniel Dauphin (who also has an onscreen role) and Beth Kander, the movie stars Ainsley Bailey, Cameron Deane Stewart, Madeline Thelton, Clint Carmichael, Hannah Bryan, Sean Harding and Bridgette Potts, with lycanthropic FX by Tom Devlin.

It’s a homage to ’80s youth horror/adventures films that, according to the official synopsis, “finds a group of kids on a field trip for a school fundraiser when things go bump in the night! After the usual teen hijinks, things take a chilling turn when their chaperone vanishes, the police chief arrives and a vicious werewolf attacks!” Find out more at BIG BAD’s official website.






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