Exclusive Trailer, First Stills: Ryan M. Andrews’ “SAVE YOURSELF”


FANGORIA fans may remember fright filmmaker Ryan M. Andrews from his last excursion into the eerie, the indie zombie flick SICK: SURVIVE THE NIGHT. Now, Andrews is back behind the director’s chair once more, delivering a new kind of horror with SAVE YOURSELF, boasting a cast that include burgeoning Canadian scream queens Tristan Risk (AMERICAN MARY), Jessica Cameron (TRUTH OR DARE) and Sydney Kondruss (THE DROWNSMAN).

The official synopsis for SAVE YOURSELF is as follows:

SAVE YOURSELF tells the story of five female filmmakers en route to their big L.A. premiere. But when one of them goes missing at a rest stop, the women soon find themselves pitted against a deranged scientist hell-bent on using them for his mysterious research.

Currently in post-production, SAVE YOURSELF will be making the festival rounds later this year; in the meantime, you can check out the exclusive first stills and trailer for SAVE YOURSELF below!



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