Exclusive trailer: family slasher shocker “SUSPENSION”


The creators of the new psycho-in-the-family film SUSPENSION have given Fango an exclusive peek at their first trailer, and it’s a pretty promising one. Have a look after the jump.

Directed by Jeffery Lando (SAVAGE ISLAND, HOUSE OF BONES) from a script by Kevin Mosley, SUSPENSION stars Ellen MacNevin as Emily, a high-school girl with a penchant for drawing gruesome pictures in her sketchbook. There’s a reason for her obsession with horrific images: Her father Tom once went on a murder spree and is now residing in a mental hospital. On a night when she’s home alone babysitting her mute little brother, Tom escapes and targets Emily and her friends for a bloody killing spree. The cast also includes Courtney Paige Theroux, Steven Richmond, Taylor Russell, Rustin Gresiuk, Chilton Crane, Duncan Olleranshaw and Sage Brocklebank; Dallas Harvey created the copious makeup FX. Go here for a few photos and comments from the SUSPENSION filmmakers, and visit the movie’s Facebook page.

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