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Our deepest fears live within the bowels of our subconscious, sporadically invading and tormenting our thoughts and imaginations.  For some, fear can be controlled and kept at bay, but for others, fear can be all consuming, and escaping those fears may be futile. For the six characters in THE UNWILLING, staring David Lipper (LOST AFTER DARK), Dina Myer (SAW I, II, III, IV), and horror icon Lance Henriksen, their fear will be their demise.

THE UNWILLING, a film focusing on six family members trapped in a house and forced to face their darkest fears, and each other, is the new fright flick from writer, director, and Oscar nominated, Jonathan Heap.  And though Heap has not written, or directed a horror film since his grad-school days, he’s ready to return to the genre and tackle the world or the supernatural and the fears it encompasses. “I’ve wanted to make another [horror] for a long time. So after a couple of decades doing thrillers and action, my friends and I financed this film ourselves to be able to do it our way.”

In his most personal film-to-date, Heap has stayed true to his convictions as a writer and director. “To my mind, a film should firstly be a personal story, a psychological profile as it were of a hero in trouble – all the more powerful if the trouble is the result of his own actions or deficits.  We all have self doubts and are ‘haunted’ by what has happened in our lives or what might happen.” He continues, “Classic sophisticated horror – psychological horror – has always been a big interest of mine. I think the genre is particularly suited to creating depth of character when one wants to dissect human emotions such as fear or psychological imbalance.”  

On the story behind the story, Heap stated, “The story of David and his family really began with the concept of a damaged man who has created a cage for himself. David’s problems were generated by terrible abuse and years of feeling isolated and unsafe.  Once we created this fragile character it became obvious that confronting him and his relatives with their terrors would yield a perfect storm of increasing intensity.” Heap follows with, “His dad dies and everyone has to come, unwillingly, to David’s house for the will reading.  A box arrives instead of a will and pretty soon we find out how unwilling the characters are to investigate the unknown. The box can seduce, the box can provide – a new found level of unwillingness is needed to resist.”


Though Heap’s focus on fear is the backbone of THE UNWILLING, it was extremely important that he explore the idea of the title itself; the horrific grasp unwillingness has over the human race. “A woman who’s vain, a man ruled by greed, an addict – all of whom are desperate to protect themselves at the cost of others.” However adding a level of supernatural occurrences, Heap needed to keep it grounded in so form of reality.

He continues, “I imagine if I was confronted by a supernatural event – and really convinced of its authenticity – I might be quite terrified as it would destroy my entire world view, my understanding of physics.  When writing THE UNWILLING we incorporated that unwillingness to believe into the story. I can’t stand when a film character just accepts something weird and moves on like it’s a regular day.  So we wrote in their disbelief, their refusal to accept.  Realistic human reactions are even more necessary when the fantastic is encountered.”

Dedicated to bending the genre and bringing back a more personal feel to horror, Heap reassures that THE UNWILLING is a film not to be missed. “It seems to me that what we have created, is that which is missing from many present day horror; the personal subjective story, the Hitchcock one person point-of-view. A lot of horror and sci-fi has become impersonal so we started out to do just the opposite. I think we have succeeded to the extent that you will want the characters to overcome – overcome whatever they at first are unwilling to do.”

When asked to give a statement that would intrigue our readers while they wait for the release of THE UNWILLING, Heap simply stated, “Be careful what it is you want, because that might be the thing that kills you.”

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