Exclusive trailer: Another Texas massacre in “DAWN OF THE CRESCENT MOON”


Remote areas of the Lone Star State are still plenty dangerous, as seen in DAWN OF THE CRESCENT MOON, out this month. We’ve got an exclusive trailer past the jump.

Released by Indican Pictures, DAWN OF THE CRESCENT MOON opens in select theaters today, followed by DVD and VOD release July 28. Kirk Loudon scripted with producer Kevin B. Coleman and directed the movie, which has picked up awards at a couple of festivals; the cast is headed by Barry Corbin, Brooke Coleman, Kurt Cole, Johnny Walter, Shiree Nelson, Lauren Leal, Edward Hong, Alan Pietruszewski and Tracey Birdsall. The synopsis: “Five college students travel to a small Texas town to research the legend of Blood Lake—a folk tale surrounding the massacre of a Comanche village by a company of Texas Rangers and the evil spirits who protect their sacred cache of gold lying beneath the surface of the lake. Upon their arrival, a crusty old bartender named Cyrus [Corbin] warns them to leave, but when they are approached by a beautiful local girl named Dawn, they instead set up their camp on the shore of the lake. One by one, they come face to face with the legend itself and their journey becomes a fight for survival!”

Visit DAWN on-line at its official website and Facebook page.


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