Exclusive teaser trailer, new poster: Bill Moseley in “THE CHURCH”


We previously told you here about THE CHURCH, a religious horror film featuring such genre mainstays as Bill Moseley, Clint Howard, Lisa Wilcox from A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4 and 5 and THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE’s Ashley C. Williams. Now we’ve got a new teaser trailer to show you exclusively, plus the latest poster and an update from the filmmaker.

The movie takes place in and around the titular house of worship, which a developer schemes to tear down to make way for a new apartment building. Too bad for him that the church doesn’t take kindly to being threatened… In addition to delivering the scares, writer/director Dom Frank hopes the film will provoke some thought as well. “I made THE CHURCH in hopes that it can be a thought-provoking conversation-starter about good vs. evil, or living right vs. sinning,” he tells Fango. “My approach was to present a unique take on the internal struggle all human beings have in making life decisions, but also demonstrate the consequences that every human being, no matter their race or religion, have been warned about their whole lives.

“This movie has been quite a journey,” he continues. “I went from being an entrepreneur with a dream of turning my wild imagination into a movie to actually finding someone to help me make it a reality. Since we wrapped principal photography, I went to LA and hooked up with Ed Marx [who edited the film, and whose credits include JEEPERS CREEPERS and HATCHET], who has taught me a ton about storytelling and directing. With his advice, I went back, added scenes and reshot a few others in order to enhance the picture. I was able to add a whole new layer to the movie by expanding on a few ideas I had just hinted at originally. Being able to tap into and ask the opinions of Ed’s Rolodex of people within the industry has been invaluable to the progression of this film. I feel pretty good about the final product, and I can’t wait to get this movie out—and then take what I learned and start working on the sequel: THE CHURCH: SECOND OFFERING.”

Frank adds that he’s also applying this experience to retooling his first feature APNEA, which we told you about here. Stay tune for further updates on both projects, and check out THE CHURCH’s official website and Facebook page.


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