EXCL Stills: Beyond Fest British Invasion Film, “THE BORDERLANDS”


One of the many thrilling evenings at the upcoming inaugural Beyond Fest in Los Angeles is the FANGORIA-presented British Invasion Night, a double bill of contemporary British terror featuring the highly anticipated latest from Ben Wheatley, A FIELD IN ENGLAND, and the introduction of a new UK genre talent in THE BORDERLANDS.

The feature debut of Elliot Goldner, THE BORDERLANDS is the found footage, yet excitingly cinematic, tale of Vatican investigators in the English country. Looking into a rural priest’s claim that a miracle has occurred, their journey is surrounded by that mystical, palpable English air, which of course holds ancient mystery. Both THE BORDERLANDS and A FIELD IN ENGLAND call on something older than church practice in decidedly different ways and the pair should make for a properly spooky, mind melting evening at the movies.

Until the night in question, see below for exclusive looks at THE BORDERLANDS, and read our review out of London’s Film4 FrightFest.

British Invasion Night, as part of the massive Beyond Fest (see the great lineup here), happens Friday, October 18 at the Aero Theater (1328 Montana Ave, Santa Monica) and will feature a conversation with actor Gordon Kennedy, BORDERLANDS producer Jennifer Handorf, FrightFest curator Paul McEvoy, all moderated by Fango’s own Rebekah McKendry. Plus, surprise gifts courtesy of Death Waltz Recording Co.! For tickets and more info, head right here.




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