Exclusive News, Comments: “SOME KIND OF HATE” Director, “GREEN INFERNO” Star join “HOLIDAYS” Anthology


Late last year, news broke of the upcoming anthology horror HOLIDAYS, attaching the likes of Kevin Smith (TUSK), Dennis Widmyer & Kevin Kolsch (STARRY EYES), Nicholas McCarthy (THE PACT), Sarah Adina Smith (THE MIDNIGHT SWIM), Scott Stewart (DARK SKIES) and Anthony Scott Burns (DARKNET) to add their eerie aesthetics to holidays such as Easter, Valentine’s Day and more. And over the weekend, FANGORIA learned some exceptionally exciting news as SOME KIND OF HATE director and HOLIDAYS producer Adam Egypt Mortimer has joined the roster of cinematic badasses helming a segment, and will be directing none other than GREEN INFERNO and KNOCK KNOCK star Lorenza Izzo in his segment! Read on for more…

Mortimer’s segment in HOLIDAYS will cover New Years, which is not as often covered in horror outside of NEW YEAR’S EVIL. His segment is written by Widmyer and Kolsch, with production beginning today via Lodger Films (SUN CHOKE, UNCLE KENT 2). In learning of his HOLIDAYS segment, FANGORIA had a chance to chat with Mortimer to give fright fans a deeper, darker insight on his segment…

FANGORIA: You were initially on board HOLIDAYS as a producer. What inspired you to jump behind the camera as director for the anthology?

ADAM EGYPT MORTIMER: As a produce, I’’ve been trying help make sure HOLIDAYS has everything it needs. Now that we’ve had so many amazing segments go into production, I felt we were missing New Years; no one had tackled it and it’s a key to the holiday season. And there was a certain kind of storytelling texture I could bring that was a little different from what we’d had so far, to round out the tone. When Dennis and Kevin agreed to write a script for me, that sealed the deal. I knew I had to do it: I love their writing, I loved STARRY EYES, I loved their segment in HOLIDAYS, and working with them is an awesome experience.

FANGORIA: Lorenza really made an impression on horror fans in AFTERSHOCK, and her roles in GREEN INFERNO and KNOCK KNOCK put her in line to become a bona fide scream queen. How did she board the project, and what can you tell us about her character?

MORTIMER: I loved her in THE GREEN INFERNO. When I heard from her agency that she was available, it was immediately clear that she would be a superstar for us. John Hegeman (HOLIDAYS’ mastermind producer) and I were stoked. Then I met were her about this and she is just the coolest.  When I told her that we’d hired stunt doubles she did a double take, because she’s used to doing everything physical and taking risks. All I can say about her character is that she’s a lonely woman who goes on a first date on New Year’s Eve, which normally is a catastrophic idea.  In a horror movie, it’s spectacularly horrific. [laughs] Lorenza is very excited;  it’s a different kind of character for her, but I can’t say any more than that!


FANGORIA: Obviously, New Year hasn’t been a major focus of the horror genre, outside of NEW YEAR’S EVIL. In your opinion, what about New Year’s makes it a prime candidate for the horror treatment?

MORTIMER: There’s so much pressure around New Year’s: you’re supposed to have the most fun at the biggest party and make the most crazy transformative promises. There’s so much urgency and anxiety to mine in that. When Dennis and Kevin and I were talking about possible stories, we started telling each other stories about going on horrible dates, and how a first date on New Year’s is a date with doom. It started there: how could we tell a high pressure new years date story that could explode into action packed bloody chaos.

FANGORIA: SOME KIND OF HATE had a very visceral, emotional edge to it. Should we expect more of that style in your segment or might you take a more lighthearted route?

MORTIMER: I felt we needed to ring in the New Year with some wild horror action, so in that sense yes, it’s more light hearted. Like SOME KIND OF HATE, New Year’s Eve is using horror to get at the feelings I’m obsessed with- desperation, loneliness, anxiety- but this time I wanted to do it in a way that was fun Because all those feeling are absurd. When Lorenza asked me what kind of movies she could watch to get inspired, I recommended TAXI DRIVER and Billy Wilder. I think we can all agree that in a perfect world, there’s a Billy Wilder slasher movie.

FANGORIA: While we wouldn’t want to ruin all of the holidays that will get the terror treatment, is there any holiday not featured that you would love to see should a sequel become a possibility?

MORTIMER: Yeah man; next time through, I would love to see a Chinese New Year; for one, there’s so many cool visuals and mythology to go with that. And actually a 4th of July would be great; huge visual potential there. And there’s some crazy obscure holiday from all around the world we could get into.

I know John has a deep list of crazy holidays, so we may start branching out into the obscure and strange. But the standard ones are always so ripe for new stories as the pressures and expectations and relationships around holidays are ready for all different kinds of horror. And the more something is beloved, the more fun we can have perverting and destroying it. I should say, though, Eli Roth would certainly murder us all if we did THANKSGIVING.

John Hegeman’s Distant Corners is producing HOLIDAYS with Tim Connors and Adam Egypt Mortimer, along with XYZ’s Kyle Franke and Aram Tertzakian. Keep an eye out for more on HOLIDAYS here at FANGORIA.com!

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