Exclusive release news/art, plus trailer: “FRIDAY THE 13TH” veterans planted in “THE BONE GARDEN”


Actors from two of the early FRIDAY THE 13TH films, along with Chainsaw Sally herself, come together in THE BONE GARDEN, an independent chiller set for release next year. We’ve got the exclusive info, a first look at the cover art and the trailer to share with you.

Camp Motion Pictures gave Fango the scoop that it will release THE BONE GARDEN February 2, 2016 on DVD and digital. Written and directed by Mike Gutridge, the movie features Tracie Savage (pictured above) and Paul Kratka from FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III and Ron Millkie from the first FRIDAY, along with April Monique Burril, who played the title role in various CHAINSAW SALLY projects, George Stover, who has been seen in everything from John Waters and Don Dohler flicks to the upcoming CALL GIRL OF CTHULHU, and Tammy Kaitz. The film’s synopsis: “Alice Hardy [Savage] had it all, until her new neighbors moved in. Suddenly, missing students and a rising body count bring detectives, the police and crime dogs to her door. Desperate to untangle all the secrets and lies, Alice turns her gaze onto family and friends…only to realize she might be next in line for murder.”

Extras on the DVD will include:

• Audio commentary by Gutridge
• THE BONE GARDEN Baltimore, MD premiere
• Trailers for BONE GARDEN and other Camp titles

Retail price for the disc will be $19.98.


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