Exclusive release details, art, photos for “ANIMOSITY,” from “STREET TRASH” producer


He wrote and produced the outrageous cult hit STREET TRASH, and now Roy Frumkes is behind a different kind of independent horrorfest as executive producer of ANIMOSITY. We’ve got the scoop on its release and a high-profile fest gig, along with the exclusive DVD art and a couple of stills.

ANIMOSITY, which we first told you about here, was scripted and directed by Brendan Steere and will be playing Montreal’s Fantasia film festival this summer prior to its DVD/digital release September 9 by Bloody Earth Films. Shot in Pennsylvania, the movie focuses on Carrie (Tracy Willet), a woman who finds her life in peril from forces human and possibly inhuman at her new, isolated home in the woods; Marcin Paluch, Tom Martin, Alyssa Kempenski and Stephan Goldblach also star. The DVD will supplement the 16×9 widescreen transfer with:

• Behind-the-scenes material
• Bloopers
• DEMON’S BITE short film
• Trailer vault

“I love movies with gobs of gore and blood,” Steere says, “but this is just not that movie. I was thinking a lot about Ti West’s films while making it, Argento’s earlier giallo work, ALIEN and ROSEMARY’S BABY—movies that creep and build. There’s a palpable mystery that I’m very happy with. I think we’ve made something special, and I hope the horror community responds to it.”

Check out the trailer below the pics, and find out more at ANIMOSITY’s Facebook page.




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