Exclusive Premiere: Kardiac’s “The County Road Cover Up” Music Video


As the first in fright since 1979, FANGORIA has striven to bring horror fans new looks at the genre on all platforms, whether it be on the big screen, small screen, video games or even music. Obviously, while music has always been crucial to the horror genre, FANGORIA has focused on raising awareness on horror-themed music, going as far as even to open our own digital music label, FANGORIA Musick. And today, we have an exclusive music video to premiere to all fans of horrorcore music: Kardiac’s 10-minute, HIGH TENSION-inspired “The County Road Cover Up.”

The latest single from controversial underground artist Kardiac, “The County Road Cover Up” comes from the recently released album GIFTS OF BLOOD TWO. Filmed in East Texas, the long-form music video from the NY-based horrorcore artist can be seen below, and if you like what you see/hear, you can pick up the hard copies of GIFTS OF BLOOD TWO here, and digital copies here.


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