Exclusive pics, new trailer and poster: “PONTYPOOL” writer’s UFO thriller “EJECTA”


The aliens are coming to EJECTA us off the planet in the new sci-fi/horror film from the producers of MONSTER BRAWL and EXIT HUMANITY. The new trailer and poster just landed, and we’ve got a few exclusive photos to go with ’em.

EJECTA was written by Tony Burgess, who scripted the Stephen McHattie-starring cult fave PONTYPOOL from his own novel, and directed by Matt Wiele and Chad Archibald. Julian Richings (pictured above and in 1st photo below), a familiar character actor from CUBE, WRONG TURN and many others, takes a rare starring role in the film, along with PONTYPOOL’s Lisa Houle, EXIT HUMANITY’s Adam Seybold and Mark Gibson, Justin Darmanin, Ry Barrett, Ari Millen and Burgess himself, with a cameo by Fango fave Dee Wallace. The synopsis: “EJECTA is the story of two men who witness an unexplainable event in the atmosphere on the eve of a historic solar storm and must survive a terrifying lifeform that’s hunting them. An anonymous intelligence group will stop at nothing to unearth the truth behind what happened to the two men that night and prove to the world that we were never alone in the universe.”

Anchor Bay Entertainment will distribute EJECTA in Canada, with more release and festival news to be revealed soon. See the trailer below the photos and art, and learn more at the movie’s Facebook page.





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