Exclusive pics, DVDetails and art: Debbie Rochon and Lynn Lowry in “THE LEGEND OF SIX FINGERS”


Two of our favorite genre actresses co-star in a new independent fright flick showcasing the latest Bigfoot variant, THE LEGEND OF SIX FINGERS. Read on for the exclusive word on the upcoming release, plus the cover and photos.

Bloody Earth Films releases THE LEGEND OF SIX FINGERS, which premiered at last year’s Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, on DVD and digital platforms June 24. Written and directed by Sam Qualiana, who previously explored strange upstate New York nature in SNOW SHARK, the movie follows a pair of documentary filmmakers investigating a series of killings of domestic animals, which leads them to run afoul of a creature from Native American legend called Yá-yahk osnúsha, or “Six Fingers.” SLIME CITY’s Gregory Lamberson produced, with Michael Raso serving as executive producer; Qualiana and Andrew Elias (1st photo below) play the two leads, with horror veterans Debbie Rochon (2nd photo) and Lynn Lowry (3rd photo) co-starring. The DVD will supplement the movie with:

• Behind-the-scenes footage

• Outtakes

• THE HUNTING short film

• Trailer vault

Retail price is $19.98. Watch the trailer below the art and pics.





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