Exclusive pics: Brinke Stevens in “SISTER,” coming from Retrosploitation


Retrosploitation, the distribution company specializing in both vintage horror/cult films and new independent productions with the same spirit, sent along a couple of exclusive photos from their next release, featuring a perennial favorite scream queen.

DIE SISTER, DIE!, a remake of the obscure 1972 horror flick, will be released by Retrosploitation on DVD next month. Brinke Stevens stars in the movie, which was produced and directed by Dustin Ferguson from a script he wrote with Jeremy Lubash and Mark Thimijan. The synopsis: “Edward Price [Jeff Hoover] is tired of the allowance granted him by his older sister, Amanda [Stevens]. He becomes impatient for her death, and his part of their father’s inheritance. Amanda has suffered from two heart attacks already, and Edward believes the third time will be a charm. So he hires an ex-con nurse, Esther [Jenni Caroline], to scare her to death. However, the plan goes awry as Esther becomes drawn into the secrets of the family manor.” More pics and info on the movie can be found at its Facebook page.



Retrosploitation recently released the shot-on-video homage DOLL KILLER, directed by Jesus Satan and based on a short story by Ferguson. Breana Mitchell, Kia Beason and Brandon Aylor star in this Halloween-set shocker about a serial killer who leaves dolls at his crime scenes. The company has also signed with SISTER and DOLL production outfit 42nd Street Films to distribute the modern American giallo GLOVED MURDERESS, and is taking pre-orders on a limited-edition VHS edition of SLEEPAWAY CAMP IV. Head over to Retrosploitation’s official website here.


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