Exclusive pics bare their fangs as “THE SINS OF DRACULA” wraps


THE SINS OF DRACULA have now been fully indulged as the vampire/Christian scare-film hybrid has just wrapped up production. Its creators marked the occasion by sending along a couple of exclusive new pics.

THE SINS OF DRACULA (which we first reported on here) is the latest production from Scorpio Film Releasing and director Richard Griffin, working from a script by TALES OF POE’s Michael Varrati. Ted Marr and Stacey St. Edmunds produced the movie, in which a church choir singer (Jamie Dufault) follows his girlfriend into a decadent theater troupe that he discovers is actually a Satanic cult aiming to raise Dracula (Michael Thurber, 1st photo below) from the grave. The cast also includes Sarah Nicklin, Carmine Capobianco, Steven O’Broin, Aaron Peaslee, Patrick Keeffe, Elyssa Baldassarri, Sammi Acampora (2nd photo), Derek Laurendeau and Tobias Wilson.


“Having grown up on a steady diet of Hammer films on television during the ’70s and ’80s, it was always a dream of mine to direct a Dracula film I could call my own,” Griffin says. “It wasn’t until two things happened—one was meeting Michael Thurber, who I believe is this generation’s Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee rolled up into one fine actor, and the other was becoming friends with screenwriter Michael Varrati. Varrati and I both share similar sensibilities, so when the idea for THE SINS OF DRACULA first came to me, I knew he was the best man for the job.

“The shoot went extremely smoothly,” he continues. “I am blessed to have the best crew in New England, and we’ve worked together for several pictures so it’s a well-oiled machine. The cast was brilliant as well. It was wonderful to be reunited with Sarah Nicklin and Jamie Dufault, who I believe are two of the finest actors working in theater and film today. Both are extremely professional and dedicated to whatever project they’re involved with. It was also a joy to direct Carmine Capobianco, the star of the cult film PSYCHOS IN LOVE! All in all, it was a bloody good time for all involved, and I know that audiences will really enjoy this kinky take on the Dracula tale!”


Varrati says, “Bringing SINS to life has certainly been a journey, and like most, was not without its tribulations. However, thanks to the amazing cast and crew who contributed so much talent, enthusiasm and passion to this project, seeing it come together was an experience. That they all brought so much of themselves to make my blasphemous little script a reality was humbling and a dream realized. As always, it was a pleasure to work with filmmaker and friend Richard Griffin, whose disturbed sensibilities match mine and who also brought so much flair to the movie. I love working with him and Scorpio Film Releasing, and if SINS excites you…I can promise that we’re just getting started.” Head over to SINS’ Facebook page for more.

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