Exclusive photos/poster, plus trailer: bitchy killfest “KNOCK ’EM DEAD”


Death imitates art in KNOCK ’EM DEAD, a horror/comedy with quite an eclectic cast led by Rae Dawn Chong. Read on for the release info, the trailer and some exclusive pics and the poster.

Coming to theaters and VOD November 7 from Phase 4 Films, KNOCK ’EM DEAD was directed by genre veteran David DeCoteau and scripted by CRIMES OF PASSION’s Barry Sandler—who, judging from the trailer below the pics, had a field day coming up with snarky lines for his characters. Chong, Anne-Marie Johnson and Debra Wilson play three sniping actresses whose hatred for each other doesn’t stop them from reuniting for a horror-sequel shoot at an opulent mansion. Unfortunately, someone starts killing off the movie’s cast and crew for real. The cast also includes Jackèe Harry, STARGATE’s Christopher Judge, Phil Morris, Johnny Whitaker, Betsy Russell from the SAW sequels, Daniel Bernhardt, THE APPRENTICE villain Omarosa, Candice Coke, Darren Anthony Thomas and Preston Davis, and the movie boasts a score by FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise composer Harry Manfredini. “David and I intend to kill you with laughs, thrills and a bloody good time!” Sandler says.





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