Exclusive photos/comments: “JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER” director explores “THE DARK SIDE OF VENUS”


One of our favorite creature features of the 2000s is JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER, and now its director, Jon Knautz, explores sexy psychological horror in his new movie THE DARK SIDE OF VENUS. Read on for exclusive pics and a few words from the filmmaker.

Knautz passed on the photos and tells Fango, “THE DARK SIDE OF VENUS gets up close and intimate with a drug- and alcohol-addicted stripper named Venus [played by Alexis Knight, pictured above and in the 1st pic below, who scripted the film with Knautz]. She’s passionate and loving, but when Brian, her lover, begins to pull away from their lustful relationship, Venus’ mental state spirals into a world of insanity.” The cast also includes Woody Naismith, Elizabeth Sandy, Monda Scott and Ray Grady.

“It’s a really dark and fun ride,” Knautz continues, “and we’ve had a blast making it. It’s gritty, sexy and violent, and it follows one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever dealt with. It was a really intense shoot, but very satisfying. We have the best team I could ever ask for. Everyone is giving 110 percent, and it’s really showing. We just started postproduction; my editor Matt Brulotte and I are cutting away as we speak. Things are coming along well, and I can’t wait for people to see this one.” Follow THE DARK SIDE OF VENUS on Facebook here.



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