Exclusive photos/art: A new “APPARITION” to haunt you


Looking for supernatural thrills next month? We’ve got an APPARITION for that—specifically, a batch of photos and the DVD art for the upcoming movie.

Previously titled REMORSE and THE NESTING, APPARITION will be released by Revolver Entertainment on disc (with a retail price of $19.98) and VOD May 5. No relation to the 2012 film of the same title, this one was directed by CHERRY’s Quinn Saunders and scripted by Pete Cafaro and Andrew Kayros. The synopsis: “When his beautiful fiancée, Lori [Katrina Law], is killed in a car accident, Doug [Jody Quigley] retreats in solitude to the isolated farmhouse that should have been his new family’s home. As he grieves and further isolates himself from his friends and society, he learns that he is not alone in this quaint home. Plagued with grief and tragic memories, supernatural events leave Doug fearing for his sanity until he’s able to find solace and a brief respite in the company of his new neighbor Jamie [Lili Bordán]. As the two grow closer, Doug pulls Jamie in with him deeper into the increasingly horrifying events that unleash a psychological terror in the old farmhouse.”

Learn more about the movie (under the REMORSE title) at its Facebook page.









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