Exclusive photos: Trailer launches retro-slasher opus “FIELD OF SCREAMS”


Do you have the balls to watch a sports-themed stalker flick? Filmmakers Chris Bahr and Joe La Scola hope so, as they’ve released a teaser trailer for their homagistic horror FIELD OF SCREAMS and slipped Fango a few exclusive pics.

Styled as a VHS promo, the FIELD OF SCREAMS preview was created by Bahr and La Scola as a proof of concept for their planned feature. The synopsis: “In Willow’s Grove, baseball is a way of life. After a bad call during a local championship game, a group of rabid parents corner Stumpy the umpire. They get more than they bargained for when the encounter ends in murder. After almost a decade in a psychiatric hospital, Stumpy returns for revenge on the home team. Grab your peanuts and crackerjacks, because this bloodbath is going into extra innings!”

“One of the biggest influences for this project,” the duo told LunchmeatVHS.com, which premiered the trailer, “was THE MUTILATOR and the feeling of watching it for the first time on a worn out rental tape. We wanted FIELD OF SCREAMS to really feel like it came directly from that era.” They plan to release the eventual feature on VHS with bonus material; you can keep up with the project at its Facebook page.





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