Exclusive photos: Shelley meets steampunk in “FRANKENSTEIN’S PATCHWORK MONSTER”


A new take on a classic chiller is coming to the screen; read on for info and exclusive pics from FRANKENSTEIN’S PATCHWORK MONSTER.

Written, produced and directed by Buffalo-based filmmaker Emil J. Novak Sr., FRANKENSTEIN’S PATCHWORK MONSTER is described as a “steampunk horror-noir film” in which Bill Kennedy plays the doctor who creates a whole series of creatures, including male monsters played by Daniel James and Erich Haeusser and two brides portrayed by Melantha Blackthorne and Annmarie Bahny. Mary Shelley, who started the whole thing with her landmark novel, also appears in the person of actress Tara Rosado, along with Percy Shelley (Paul McGinnis), Lord Byron (Jason John Beebe) and John Polidori (Mike Leszczynski), plus graverobbers Burke (Robert Bozek) and Hare (Michael Sciabarrasi); Patrick Mallette plays Herman, Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant.

Andrew Lavin handled special FX and makeup for the movie, which Novak says is inspired by numerous filmmakers who have tackled Shelley’s deathless creation before, including James Whale, Terence Fisher and Roger Corman. FRANKENSTEIN’S PATCHWORK MONSTER is targeting a release this October; find out more about it at the official website and Facebook page.






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