Exclusive photos: Pumpkinrot’s creepy scarecrows for “MR. JONES”


You don’t see a lot of Mr. Jones in MR. JONES, but you do get good looks at the bizarre, scarecrow-like effigies the reclusive artist consctructs in the new, surreal fright film. The man responsible for these screen creations sent along some exclusive pics of his horrific handiwork.

In MR. JONES, written and directed by Karl Mueller and arriving on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD tomorrow from Anchor Bay Films, Scott (Jon Foster) and Penny (Sarah Jones) trek to a cabin in the California mountains to shoot a nature documentary. When they come across the home of the infamous “Mr. Jones,” they decide to make him their new subject—which immerses them in a world of surrealistic horror. Mr. Jones’ strange figures were created for the movie by an artist known only as Pumpkinrot, who creates twisted scarecrows and other Halloween-oriented art in his home in rural Pennsylvania. “When Karl first e-mailed me about doing a movie about a recluse who builds scarecrows,” he tells Fango, “I thought someone was putting me on, since I live to make scarecrows and I pretty much only have a web presence as Pumpkinrot, and no one knows my real name or who I am. I think once Karl realized that, he got a kick out of the coincidence. He’s the nicest guy in the world to work with, and I’m really hoping this film does well and there’s a sequel.”

In addition to an existing piece called Roots (pictured above), the first scarecrow seen in Mr. Jones’ basement, Pumpkinrot crafted a collection of new figures seen in the photos below. See lots more of his work at his official website.








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