Exclusive Photo Gallery: Goblin, Live in Toronto


Legendary Italian horror soundtrack supergroup GOBLIN rocked Toronto’s Opera House last Friday, October 11th and FANGORIA was there to take it all in. Classic GOBLIN lineup members Claudio Simonetti, Massimo Morante and Maurizio Gaurini joined key DAEMONIA (Simonetti’s metal-edged GOBLIN cover band) members drummer Titta Tani and bassist Bruno Previtali (subbing for Fabio Pignatelli) to unleash a light-soaked audio visual meltdown chronicling the band’s near 40-year career sculpting progressive rock opera.

Anyone who was there can attest to its glories, as can anyone who has seen the band in one of its myriad performances during their 2013 North American tour. The set list is chronological, starting with key music from 1975’s PROFONDO ROSSO, moving through their non-film music from albums like ROLLER and then into their iconic themes, from pictures like 1977’s SUSPIRIA, 1979’s DAWN OF THE DEAD (ZOMBI) and 1982’s TENEBRE.

The crowd roared, the band soared (Massimo Morante’s deft guitar bending drew gasps) and the show was ace, aided by rotating video clip projections and on-stage ballet dancing via Morante’s charming daughter.

Check out some of the exclusive photos below from regular FANGORIA photographer David Goodfellow. More to come!

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