Exclusive photos: Fantasia film “THE HARVEST,” from “HENRY’s” John McNaughton


One of the most exciting films at this year’s Fantasia festival in Montreal is THE HARVEST, the long-awaited return to horror by HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER director John McNaughton. We’ve got a batch of exclusive pics to show you after the jump!

According to the synopsis, THE HARVEST, which was scripted by Stephen Lancellotti and is making its international premiere at Fantasia, is the “eerie tale of a pediatric heart surgeon and her husband [MINORITY REPORT’s Samantha Morton and MAN OF STEEL’s Michael Shannon] who keep their sick son Andy [Charlie Tahan] isolated from the outside world. When young Maryann [THE POSSESSION’s Natasha Calis] moves in with her grandparents [Peter Fonda and Leslie Lyles] nearby, she discovers Andy alone in his house. Sneaking in through his window, Maryann is a welcome friend and they soon become close, but her presence is met with vehement resistance from his overprotective parents. Their anger fuels Maryann’s suspicions, but she could never imagine the shocking truth as the story twists and turns towards a cataclysmic climax.”

Fantasia takes place July 17-August 5; go here for the films announced so far, and look for more details soon at this site and the festival’s official website.










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