Exclusive photo, plus poster, trailer and premiere news: “SINS OF DRACULA”


The latest incarnation of the Count is preparing to put the bite on his first audience as THE SINS OF DRACULA heads for its world premiere. We’ve got the info, plus an exclusive new pic and the latest poster and trailer.

Directed by Richard Griffin, scripted by Michael Varrati and produced by Ted Marr and Stacey St. Edmunds for Scorpio Film Releasing, THE SINS OF DRACULA will have its debut showing Sunday, October 26 at Lincoln, Rhode Island’s CinemaWorld (622 George Washington Highway). The cast is headed by Scorpio alumni Michael Thurber, Jamie Dufault, Sarah Nicklin, Steven O’Broin and Samantha Acampora, along with PSYCHOS IN LOVE’s Carmine Capobianco.

The movie, according to the official synopsis, “centers around Billy [Dufault]. As the star of his church choir, there’s nothing that brings Billy more joy than the opportunity to sing for an audience. However, as his desire to perform grows, the stalwart youth finds that waiting until Sunday to get his fix just simply isn’t enough. Going against the advice of his pastor, Billy follows his girlfriend into the world of secular entertainment, joining the local community theater troupe. There, Billy is introduced to a whole new world, where his fellow thespians dabble in drugs, sexual perversion, and tabletop game-play. Yet, for all the newly minted depravities Billy encounters, none could prepare him for the darkest truth of them all: The theater group is actually a front for a Satanic cult intent on raising Dracula from the grave! It’s a world where Sondheim is Satan, Broadway means blasphemy, and where taking the stage just might mean curtains…for your eternal soul.” Find out more at SINS’ Facebook page.



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