Exclusive photo, new poster: “TALES OF POE”


The Edgar Allan anthology TALES OF POE is headed for its lavish premiere at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theatre in August (see story here), and we’ve got an exclusive new pic to share along with the latest poster.

TALES OF POE consists of three adaptations of the legendary author’s work: “The Tell Tale Heart,” written and directed by Bart Mastronardi, starring Debbie Rochon (pictured above), Alan Rowe Kelly, Lesleh Donaldson and Desiree Gould; “The Cask of Amontillado,” written and directed by Kelly, starring Randy Jones, Kelly, Brewster McCall and Zoe Daelman Chlanda; and “Dreams,” directed by Mastronardi and adapted by Michael Varrati, starring Bette Cassatt, Cartier Williams, Donaldson (pictured below), Adrienne King, Caroline Williams and Amy Steel. Clips can be seen at a Kickstarter page that launched today to secure finishing fees for the movie, which is offering all sorts of memorabilia (including autographed items), tickets to the premiere and more as rewards.


Rochon tells Fango, “To reimagine Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories is not an easy task. This is truly classic material that many hold dear to their beating hearts. Poe has influenced numerous artists, from sculptors to writers to filmmakers to dancers, so to see such original work having been directly birthed from Poe’s original stories and mind, as in TALES OF POE, is genuinely a new work of art that deserves the support! In Poe’s own words, ‘Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.’ ”

In addition to the red-carpet Egyptian premiere on August 20, which will be attended by the cast and crew and other horror luminaries, a TALES event will take place August 19 at Burbank, CA’s horror bookstore Dark Delicacies (3512 West Magnolia Boulevard). Free posters will be signed by the cast and filmmakers, and tickets will be given away as well. The TALES OF POE trailer will be unveiled Sunday, July 13; for more on the movie, head over to its official website and Facebook page.


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