Exclusive new poster, photos, festival news: Brad Dourif-starrer “MALIGNANT”


Brian Avenet-Bradley, director of such superior horror films as DARK REMAINS and GHOST OF THE NEEDLE, got in touch with the first word about the East Coast premiere of his latest movie MALIGNANT, and exclusively shared the new teaser poster and a couple of stills as well.

MALIGNANT, which we first told you about here, stars Gary Cairns as a man mourning the death of his wife who becomes the unwilling subject of frightening experiments. In addition to Dourif, the cast also includes Nick Nicotera, Sienna Farall, Steve Wastell and Jennifer Blanc; Laurence Avenet-Bradley produced and Andrew van den Houten of THE WOMAN, JUG FACE and the upcoming ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE was executive producer. The movie will be playing at the Nevermore Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina on Tuesday, February 18 and Saturday, Feb. 22, with the writer/director and composer Mark Lee Fletcher in attendance. “We’re very excited to be back at Nevermore,” Avenet-Bradley tells us. “The festival always has an awesome selection and brings in a devoted horror crowd.” Go here for more info on the Nevermore screenings, and see MALIGNANT’s Facebook page here.




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