Exclusive Music Video, Track Premiere: Fable Cry’s “THE GOOD DOCTOR”


Considering how much love the scores and music from the horror genre finds within its fans, it’s surprising that so few musical artists pursue creepier avenues in their work. Surely, the sentiment can be doubled when you think of all the dark source material within horror from which the musically inclined can find inspiration as well. So consider this writer pleased when the opportunity arose to debut a fiendishly wicked track and accompanying music video from the gypsy punk band Fable Cry, and no less with a track inspired by none other than Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN!

Entitled “The Good Doctor”, the track is the latest single from the ensemble rock outfit, and the video is directed by Ryan Rehnborg and Zach Ferrin. The video is an impressive feat mixing excellent puppetteering (designed, built, and performed by Mallory Kimbrell and Cassie Hamilton of Sailors and Maidens) and splattery, surreal editing. The video is a perfect visual representation of the festive and freaky song, and with the debut imminent, FANGORIA spoke to Fable Cry about their latest foray into aural madness…

FANGORIA: What inspired the unique take on this music video?

FABLE CRY: The story of FRANKENSTEIN has been told and retold so many times, we wanted to do something that wasn’t tired yet.  We’ve always been huge fans of puppetry so I think a video like this has been a long time coming for us.  We’ve incorporated puppetry into our live shows, and made friends with loads of talented puppeteers from all over the country.  About a year ago, we met Mallory Kimbrell and Cassie Hamilton, of the “Sailors and Maidens” puppet duo here in Nashville, when we asked them to be apart of a vaudeville show we were putting on.  We met and instantly knew we needed to work together!  Now, one year later, we’ve done that and the results are MAD.  This video definitely marks the first of many collaborations we will do with them.

FANGORIA: What inspired the lyrical content of “The Good Doctor”?

FABLE CRY: Like most of us, I read Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN in school and grew up watching the various incarnations of the classic monster story.  Very inspired, the song (and video) follows Victor through the entire creation process: from his grave robbing in the cemetery, to the assembling of the monster (only using the finest of body bits), and then finally bringing the thing to life.  The song follows this narrative, but I also wanted to draw the parallel between this story, and what it’s like to be a creative artist of any kind.  You get into this obsessive mindset and you have all of your thoughts, ideas, memories, experience, etc., that you slap together to create this thing that you hope is profound and wonderful.  You don’t know how the public is going to respond to it until you’ve finished, and it can be scary, but it’s something you feel you have to do.  Will they respond with excitement and approval, or in horror?  I guess in our case, garnering reactions from both categories is kind of a good thing!

FANGORIA: What is the band’s relationship to the horror genre?

FABLE CRY: I’d say it’s an open relationship.  We both understand each others’ varied interests, and we are okay with that.  Sometimes we argue but we have several kids together so we’re gonna stick it out ‘till the end.

FANGORIA:  Is it important to indulge in the surreal to keep your audience fascinated and on their toes?

FABLE CRY: I don’t know if it’s the most important way, but it’s certainly one of the funnest!  We try to make content, both sonic and visual, that we would want to get from a band and we are all really picky with what we like.  We always try and push ourselves so the songs are unique from one another, and each video stands out from the last, and the live shows are entertaining and fresh.  It is very important to us that we put out entertaining content that is enjoyable and keeps people constantly coming back for more.  Indulging in the surreal definitely removes limitations on what we can do and helps push our imaginations that much further.

FANGORIA:  Should we expect more horror-esque videos coming from the band?

FABLE CRY: Oh, yes.  Oooh, oh yes.  “The Good Doctor” is the first of three music videos we are releasing this Summer before our album, “WE’LL SHOW YOU WHERE THE MONSTERS ARE”, drops at the end of August.  I don’t want to give anything away but, yes, definitely expect more spooky fun from us soon!

You can check out the video and track for Fable Cry’s “The Good Doctor” below!

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