Exclusive Music Video: Dance Hall Pimps’ “The Dead Don’t Walk”


As a horror fan myself, there’s few things that are as great as seeing fellow fright fans embrace their love for the genre and apply it to their other passions. Sometimes, that fandom begets filmmakers, who seek to become the next George Romero or John Carpenter. Sometimes, that fandom produces musicians, who apply their love for horror in the aesthetics of their art and lyrics of their songs. And in times like this, those influences combine to create something truly unique and fear-film-friendly.

So when R.J. Comer, frontman and founder of the blues-inspired rock group Dance Hall Pimps, sought to create the horror-homaging video for the title track from their upcoming album, THE DEAD DON’T WALK, he found aid in genre-infused film producer Jonathan McHugh and independent horror director C.M. Downs. As such, Fango is proud to debut the video below!

In addition to featuring clips from creepy classics such as WHITE ZOMBIE, SPOOKS RUN WILD, THE GHOUL and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, the video blurs the line between fantasy and reality and shows the band, live and in action. McHugh, who makes his directorial debut on the video, is familiar with the melding of the macabre and music, having supervised the music in the SAW series and this year’s YOU’RE NEXT. Downs, who shot and edited the music clip, takes on the video from his own horror background, having previously directed AMERICAN MANIACS. Downs and McHugh are currently developing a remake of the Bela Lugosi chestnut WHITE ZOMBIE.

As for the video itself, singer Comer explains the surf-rock song and the scary stories that inspired it are not too far removed from one another. “All the classic horror tales are love stories and THE DEAD DON’T WALK is no different,” explains Comer. “Love can be the most powerful of horrors because love won’t die; it is the relentless undead beast stalking you, overtaking you despite all your mortal efforts to outrun it.”

So, if you’ve yet to indulge, what are you waiting for? Check out the video for THE DEAD DON’T WALK and if you’re dying to hear more, make sure to pick up the album from Dance Hall Pimps next week from Growling Moon Records.

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