LA-based alt rock trio Seven Day Sleep – “Red Lipstick Murders” Music Video Premiere (Exclusive)


Fresh out of the studio from recording their debut EP “A Home for Disgusting Fairies”, Seven Day Sleep offers up a music video for their first single, “Red Lipstick Murders”! Although they draw musical influences from Marilyn Manson, Evanescence and My Chemical Romance, their sound and presence proves the band has developed their own creative tone and is in a league of their own. The band’s horror-infused music video is sure to please many fright fans around the world.

For those unfamiliar, read more about the trio below:

Officially forming in June 2016, the three bonded over an aesthetic and sound with influences ranging from  Evanescence, Marilyn Manson and My Chemical Romance to horror culture and fairy tales.  the passionate project was able to bring everyday life experiences such as fears, acceptance, death and love to capture emotions from different spectrums. The  band have traveled all over the world for the purpose of creating music and following their dreams. Guitar player, Okan Isik and bassist/keyboardist Can Temz, are originally from Turkey. After leaving their successful Turkish Rock band, MODEL, they moved to the USA in 2016 to start Seven Day Sleep. Having grown up from Switzerland with an American Father and Chilean mother, vocalist Sofia Ruszczyk moved to the States in 2012 to attend Berklee College of Music. She relocated to Los Angeles in 2015 where she shortly began working for the Madden brothers and joined Seven Day Sleep.

(L): Okan Isik, (Middle): Sofia Ruszczyk, (R): Can Temz; Photo Credit: Jeremy Saffer

Seven Day Sleep says,

“Our single Red Lipstick Murders” is about a witch who’s coven gets slaughtered and she’s out to seek revenge on the murders. The general message of the song is about being true to yourself  and fighting social judgment and being able to push through it. We all go through rough situations and we all have fears but you can “kill” that negative environment and move on with pride. 

We all love gore, horror and fantasy elements so we wanted our first video to represent who we are as a band and the things we enjoy and we think our music expresses that but we also wanted our visuals to represent that aspect of us as well.” 

Now without further adieu, here’s the Official video for “Red Lipstick Murders”:

(Video Production by: Little Sky Film)

“A Disgusting Home for Fairies” is slated for release June 2, 2017. The band will travel the world and spread the mayhem with live shows very soon.

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