Exclusive: Indie Scream Queen Elissa Dowling joins cast of “THE 9TH TEMPLAR”


Madly prolific, raven-haired actress Elissa Dowling (ABOLITION, THE THEATRE BIZARRE) has been added to the cast of THE DEVIL KNOWS HIS OWN director Jason Hawkins’ latest indie shocker THE 9th TEMPLAR. The laser eyed Dowling will play the role of Beatrix ‘Icepick’ Abbey, a psychotic young contract killer.

Per release,  THE 9th TEMPLAR is a no holds barred look into violence and the havoc it rains down on those involved. Bloody and violent, the film also takes a heartbreaking look into the sacrifices a man must make for his children, as the long term effects of the violent life he’s led are brought to the light.

“Jason and I met at Crypticon Seattle a couple years ago where we were both guest celebrities,” Dowling tells FANGORIA. “We discussed the possibility of working together, and we’ve kept in touch ever since. Now that it’s coming together, I’m beyond stoked!  Juicy and depraved female villain roles, that are also well written, are hard to come by. Beatrix is one of the best I’ve ever seen. She’s an absolutely vicious sociopath who invokes terror and trepidation in everyone who crosses her path. She comes across as cool, calm and collected, but she always ready to strike—like a rattlesnake!”

For more on the film, visit Gravestone Entertainment.

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