Exclusive: “HOLIDAYS” Star Jocelin Donahue talks Jeffrey Reddick-penned “DEAD AWAKE”


Whether you’re a casual horrorhead or a seasoned fright fan, you should have definitely seen Jocelin Donahue in your genre filmography. If you somehow haven’t caught her in her incredible leading role in Ti West’s breakout film THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, then you might have seen the actress in such scare fare as INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2, THE BURROWERS, and now, currently stealing the show in the horror anthology HOLIDAYS, delivering a fantastic performance in Anthony Scott Burns’ terrifying, riveting “Father’s Day” segment. Yet horror fans might next see Donahue in a lead role once more in DEAD AWAKE, the new film from FINAL DESTINATION writer Jeffrey Reddick, and while speaking for HOLIDAYS at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival, FANGORIA caught up with Donahue about the upcoming indie creepshow…

FANGORIA: You recently did a film with Jeffrey Reddick, correct?

JOCELIN DONAHUE: Yeah! I’m really excited about that project. In fact, they just finished it and I’m going to have a chance to see it for the first time. So I’m excited to see it and hopefully, it’ll do festivals before they try to find distribution later this year. But it’s called DEAD AWAKE; Jeffrey wrote it and it’s directed by Phillip Guzman, who has done a bunch of crime/noir indies and this is his first foray into horror.

I got to play twins in DEAD AWAKE, and that was a very cool challenge and a new experience. The film is based around the real-world phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis, which is a super-terrifying real life horror that people suffer from and a lot of people can relate to. The story is about one sister investigating her twin’s death during her nightmares.

[Playing twins] was very enticing; it was cool to not only build a character but create a relationship between two parts I’d be playing. I had to create a way for them to play off of each other, and I spent a lot of time thinking about making them psychologically different. The characters, as Jeffrey wrote them, are very different, but it was funny because one of the producers asked, “Are you bipolar?” I decided to take that as a compliment! [laughs]

HOLIDAYS is now available on worldwide VOD from Vertical Entertainment, and hits limited theaters on Friday, April 22nd. Stay tuned for more on HOLIDAYS and the full Jocelin Donahue interview here at FANGORIA.com!

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