Exclusive grisly photos: Adam Ahlbrandt’s “HUNTERS,” with Linnea Quigley


One of two upcoming films that legendary scream queen Linnea Quigley appears in for filmmaker Adam Ahlbrandt, HUNTERS is a savage story of suffering for which we’ve got a batch of exclusive pics!

Ahlbrandt, whose previous films include THE BURNT HOUSE and CROSS BEARER, provided the photos and tells Fango, “HUNTERS is the story of a group of film students lured to a remote ghost town by a family of killers who are making a movie of their own. It’s best described as a violation; there are multiple castrations, rapes and sadistic torture and murder. In every way, it invites its audience to stop watching and, furthermore, to question why they would choose to entertain themselves with such cruelty. Certain members of the cast could not finish watching the rough edit, and one viewer had a panic attack following the final scene. No one under the age of 18—or under 21 in some states—will be allowed to purchase the film due to the extreme graphic nature of the content. It is set to be released later this fall by Toetag Pictures in the U.S. and Illusions Unlimited in Germany.”

The movie additionally stars Ahlbrandt alumni J.D. Brown and Kacie Marie, Tina Krause from BAD BIOLOGY and THE PROFANE EXHIBIT, Haley Madison, Ellie Church, GUT’s Jason Vail, Mel Heflin, Gordy Price, Tiffany Carroll, Shaun Paul Costello and Genoveva Rossi. Quigley followed up HUNTERS with a turn in Ahlbrandt’s THE SADIST, also coming later this year; the filmmaker discusses his entire grisly filmography in GOREZONE #32, shipping soon. Keep up with HUNTERS at its Facebook page.











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