Exclusive: Full Moon Tunes Releases Debut Single, Featuring Lil Wayne!


Full Moon Fans! Charles Band is proud to announce that Platinum rapper Lil Wayne will drop his new mix-tape HIP HOPET MASTER on Monday, April 20th at midnight under label Full Moon Records and Full Moon Streaming. The first single will be a remix of Afroman’s megahit “Because I Got High” featuring Gingerdead Man and Lil Wayne himself, recorded exclusively for the soundtrack of the new film EVIL BONG 420. The music video premieres today and can be viewed here.

The project is a one-shot deal as Wayne finds a new home and label due to his well-publicized and ongoing problems with Cash Money Records. The Full Moon album is considered a pseudo-sequel to Wayne’s 2010 rock album REBIRTH, which was promoted as Wayne’s rock music debut. This new mix-tape will continue Lil Wayne’s experimental rock sound; expanding on his vast catalog while maintaining his Hip Hop edge and innovation.

”The opportunity for Lil Weezy to join the Full Moon family was an opportunity that I could not miss. I am sure that our audiences will enjoy Lil Wayne’s music on some of our upcoming films like EVIL BONG 420, GINGERDEAD MAN 4: THAT’S HOW THE COOKIE CRUMBLES and KILLJOY: THE HIP HOP CLOWN. We cannot express the excitement of releasing his [Lil Wayne’s] new Mix-tape while he finds a new record label… but who knows… maybe Lil Weezy is here to stay at Full Moon!”

The new mix-tape will feature a duet with Tommy Chong (of Cheech & Chong, EVIL BONG) and collaborations with Drake, Nicki Minaj, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Slightly Stoopid and Snoop Dogg. Also included on the album will be “That’s How the Weed Cookie Crumbles” feat Eeebee (EVIL BONG) and the title track “Hip Hopet Master” featuring Blade, Pin Head and Jester from the popular PUPPET MASTER franchise.

1. EB420 (feat. Tommy Chong)
2. That’s How the Weed Cookie Crumbles (feat Eeebee)
3. Licky Splits, Licky My Nutz (feat. Drake)
4. Gutter Ball Special
5. The Whisper Song (feat. Blade and the Ying Yang Twins)
5. Rabbits Gotta Grab It
6. Because I was High” (feat Gingerdead)
7. Gutter Sluts
8. Back Dat Azz Up (feat. Baby Oopsie Diasy)
9. The Shocker, Fingers Hurting (feat. Nicki Minaj)
10. Smoke Weed Every Day (feat. Eebee & Sen Dog of Cypress Hill)
11. High In the Hood (feat. Snoop Dogg)
12. You gotta Be Stupid (feat Slightly Stoopid)
13. Hip Hopet Master (feat Blade, Pin Head and Jester)

You can check out the full video featuring Lil Wayne and The Gingerdead Man above. You’d have to be a real FOOL to miss it. As for KILLJOY: THE HIP HOP CLOWN, Trent Haaga could not be reached for comment.

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