Exclusive DVDetails, art: “MY FAIR ZOMBIE,” “MURDERDROME,” “DRY BONES”


The singing undead, a creature under the bed and girls who’ll bust your head are featured in a trio of independent horror films hitting DVD and digital between now and the end of the year from Camp Motion Pictures. Jump past the jump for the exclusive release news and cover art!

First up is MY FAIR ZOMBIE (pictured above), the latest from Canadian writer/director Brett Kelly, coming August 26. This horror/comedy/musical takeoff on the stage and screen classic MY FAIR LADY sees Henry Higgins (Lawrence Evenchick) attempting to teach etiquette and elocution to streetwalker Eliza Dolittle (Sacha Gabriel)—who happens to be a flesh-hungry ghoul. Extras on the disc will include:

• Audio commentary
• Gents interview
• Outtakes
• Behind-the-scenes slideshow
• MY FAIR ZOMBIE and other trailers

Look for a feature article on MY FAIR ZOMBIE in Fango #334, on sale next month.


Two weeks later on September 9, Camp unleashes MURDERDROME, an Australian production combining demonic/slasher tropes and roller derby, featuring real-life champs of the sport and a punk-rock soundtrack. The story concerns a derby sensation named Cherry Skye who accidentally raises a hellish murderess, leading to a confrontation in the titular arena. Directed and co-written by Daniel Armstrong and starring Amber Sajben, B on the Rocks, Jake Brown, Kat Anderson, Cyndi Lawbreaker and Rachael Blackwood, MURDERDROME will be accompanied on the DVD by five music videos, a gag reel and a trailer vault.


Finally, Camp has just acquired DRY BONES, the latest feature from SLIME CITY maestro Gregory Lamberson. Debbie Rochon stars in this horror/comedy about a man who returns to the home where he was terrorized by a monster under his bed as a child, and discovers that it’s still present and claiming the lives of his friends. The DVD and digital release is scheduled for October 14, with disc special features to be announced soon. Retail prices on the DVDs will be $19.98 each.


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