Exclusive DVDetails, art: “BLOODMARSH KRACKOON” terrorizes the Bronx!


The latest toxic-waste-spawned critter to terrorize the DIY horror scene is the BLOODMARSH KRACKOON, and it’s coming to DVD and digital channels this summer. Read on for the details, a first look at the cover art and the NSFW trailer.

Directed by Jerry Landi, BLOODMARSH KRACKOON stalks onto video May 20 from Independent Entertainment, and stars Sal Amore, Scott Barile, Joseph Ferri, Bob Connelly and model/actress Cindy Guyer. The synopsis: “Urban legend claims a vicious crack-addicted raccoon nicknamed ‘Red Eye’ was behind a series of gruesome murders in Bronx neighborhood Locust Point. Politically ambitious Deputy Mayor Peter Rabbit sees an opportunity to advance his career, and enlists his cousin and best friend to capture the mutant creature—unaware that two more bloodthirsty ‘krackoons’ are lurking in the shadows…”

The prequel film KRACKOON will also be included on the DVD, along with a behind-the-scenes featurette and trailer vault. Retail price is $14.95. See BLOODMARSH KRACKOON’s Facebook page here.


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