Exclusive: DVDetails and art for Brad Dourif shocker “MALIGNANT”


Fango fave Brad Dourif gets to play in mad-doctor territory in MALIGNANT, and we’ve got the exclusive word on its forthcoming DVD release, along with a first look at the cover art.

MVD Visual will give MALIGNANT its disc debut February 17, featuring a 16×9 transfer and 5.1 sound. In the film, Dourif plays a sinister medico who puts a grieving alcoholic (Gary Cairns) through a twisted 12-step program to “cure” him. Writer/director Brian Avenet-Bradley tells us, “The DVD will include ‘Surgery for the Soul,’ an exclusive 38-minute documentary featuring interviews with Gary and Brad and the filmmakers, plus never-seen-before behind-the-scenes footage of actors in action, candid moments, special effects and more. I’m really happy with ‘Surgery,’ because it goes way beyond the typical behind-the-scenes extra. There’s stuff in there for everyone and some amazing, candid moments with Gary and Brad.” Read some words from Dourif on MALIGNANT here.


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