Exclusive: Director and Bill Moseley talk no-CGI monster FXtravaganza “MIND RIP”; new poster


Monsters will come to onscreen life through old-fashioned techniques in the upcoming tongue-in-cheek horror film MIND RIP. The movie’s creator and one of its co-stars shared a few thoughts with FANGORIA, along with a teaser poster and a couple of photos.

MIND RIP, from Rochester, NY-based Philrose Productions, is the brainchild of writer/director John Vincent, whose background includes stop-motion and miniature FX for David Allen Productions on Alex Winter’s FREAKED and a number of Full Moon movies, including DOCTOR MORDRID, ROBOT WARS and PREHYSTERIA! True to that experience, Vincent (who scuplted the head pictured above) tells us he conceived MIND RIP as “a drive-in-style horror film that has the feel of the late 1970s or early 1980s. We’re marrying the creature effects of that era with today’s digital compositing and editing techniques, miniatures, rod puppets, animatronics and stop-motion animation. No CGI!”

According to the official synopsis, “MIND RIP tells the story of David Endicott, who is returning to his hometown for the first time in 10 years, having left after the death of his younger brother, Jack. David soon finds that a bizarre series of local murders is connected to Jack’s childhood fantasies. Creatures from Jack’s horror comic books have appeared in the flesh—and they’re not friendly. They include a 10-foot-tall beast made from exhumed corpses, a pop-eyed hot-rod-driving fiend, a flying monster constructed from antique surgical tools, an army of zombies and one cute but homicidal stuffed bunny named Happy Jack. David is compelled to look into the circumstances of Jack’s death and the involvement with GreyTech, a secretive pharmaceutical research company. But time is against him, and an army of nightmare manifestations stands between him and the truth.”


“The tone of MIND RIP is at times serious, at times comedic, but never repellent,” Vincent notes. “This is a monster movie, and with that comes some violence, but we’re not interested in making just a soulless film. Instead, we’re making a fun, cartoonish romp with a sympathetic main character.”

Vincent began the process by shooting a drive-in-style promotional trailer (featuring the zombies pictured below), which you can watch at the bottom of this page and won positive attention at festivals. After work on the feature started, “We had a third of the film in the can when Bill Moseley read the script and decided he wanted to play a major role. We received his letter of intent, soon to be followed by letters from Kane Hodder and Micheal Berryman. We also received interest from a major genre distributor, which is in the process of putting some kind of deal together for us to look at. Because of these things, we decided to start from scratch with a much bigger budget.”

“What drew me to MIND RIP was first and foremost a great script,” Moseley tells us, “which struck me as a cross between CABIN IN THE WOODS and ARMY OF DARKNESS. This movie has to be made!”



Moseley will appear in MIND RIP as TV horror host Gary the Ghoul, with David Josh Lawrence playing David and Tom Malloy (from THE ALPHABET KILLER and THE ATTIC) also co-starring. Mike Boas is the film’s editor and also a producer, along with Christopher Nakis and John Cocca, and the FX team includes G.I. JOE and THE A-TEAM’s Joseph Grossberg, WATCHMEN and CORPSE BRIDE’s Paul Alexiou, stop-motion animators Yancy Calzada, whose credits include BEETLEJUICE and EVIL DEAD II, and Ron Cole, and makeup FX creator Michael Del Rossa, from WATCHMEN, 300 and THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. You can keep up with the project at its official website and Facebook page.

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