Exclusive Crispin Glover clip from “THE BAG MAN”


Fango nabbed an exclusive clip of WILLARD and BACK TO THE FUTURE star Crispin Glover from the all-star crime thriller THE BAG MAN, coming to theaters February 28 from Cinedigm. NYC-based fans can see THE BAG MAN for free at Fango’s advance screening this coming Monday, February 24 at 7 p.m. This special showing will be held at New York City’s Cinema Village (22 East 12th Street, off University Place). Joining Glover at the screening will be BAG MAN lead actress Rebecca Da Costa (TRICK OF THE WITCH, 7 BELOW), and the two will take part in a Q&A following the movie. See more details here on how to get your tickets.

THE BAG MAN stars John Cusack and Robert De Niro, and the thriller marks David Grovic’s directorial debut. The movie is a taut crime thriller that follows the story of Jack (Cusack), a tough but likeable guy with chronic bad luck. Jack is hired by legendary crime boss Dragna (De Niro) to complete a simple but unusual task. The plot centers around the anticipated arrival of Dragna, who has summoned Jack and a host of shady characters to a remote location for unknown reasons.

Over the course of a long and violently eventful night awaiting Dragna’s coming, Jack’s path crosses that of Rivka (Da Costa), a stunningly beautiful woman whose life becomes physically and emotionally entangled with Jack’s. When Dragna finally enters the scene, there are sudden and extreme consequences for all…

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