Exclusive: Creepy trailer, first photos from “THE ECHO” director’s new “ABOMINATION”


Yam Laranas, the Filipino director behind both versions of THE ECHO and the 2012-released THE ROAD, is getting ready to unveil his new English-language chiller ABOMINATION. We’ve got the exclusive first look at the trailer and some still images.

The film, Laranas tells Fango, “tackles the scary and sometimes murderous dark side of PTSD and psychosis. It’s about a young woman who is found unconscious in a city street and claims to be another person who was brutally murdered two months earlier. She escapes from a psychiatric hospital in order to prove her identity and find the truth about her life, her death and her murderer.”

Laranas and Gin de Mesa developed the story for ABOMINATION, and the director says, “I am very proud to have had the screenplay written by two Swedish filmmakers, Paolo Vacirca and Oscar Fogelström, who last worked together on Lasse Halström’s THE HYPNOTIST. Paolo wrote the screenplay for that film while Oscar did the original score, and Oscar is also doing the music for ABOMINATION.”

While set in the U.S., the fim was shot entirely in the Philippines. Stay tuned for updates on ABOMINATION as we get ’em!






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