Exclusive comments: “TROLL 2’s” George Hardy is “CHOSEN”


TROLL 2 and BEST WORST MOVIE hero George Hardy took a few moments to chat with Fango about CHOSEN, an upcoming indie cult thriller (not a “cult movie,” but about an actual cult) from new writer/director Paul Dale. And yes, the genuine warmth that fans have come to expect from Hardy was in full effect during the conversation.

In CHOSEN, an intense noir shot in black and white, Hardy makes an appearance as a televangelist—a character he manages to make somewhat huggable despite the inherent sleaziness one typically associates with such characters. The New Orleans-based film focuses on the legend of Erica Fisc, a young woman who disappeared 20 years ago. Michael (Brandon Chapman), a soul-searching college student, is sent into a slow and disturbing burn of a tailspin while researching her case for a class.

Dale (pictured below with the actor) recalls how he hooked up with Hardy for the cameo: “In late 2009, I saw TROLL 2 for the first time, and it was the most fun I ever had watching a movie,” he tells us. “As soon as the ‘You can’t piss on hospitality!’ scene came up, I knew I wanted to work with that actor. George and I had a mutual friend, and through her, we began talking. Eventually, I told him, ‘I’m writing a film, and there is a part in it only you can play.’ I sent him the script, and he was in.”


The always-enthusiastic Hardy describes the shooting of his performance, which took place in his hometown of Alexander City, Alabama: “Paul drove all the way up from New Orleans to film my scene in a motel room. I had real fun playing it, because there are so many evangelical preachers here, so I didn’t have any trouble getting into that role at all. I kinda copied what I see on TV oftentimes, and played on that—kind of overexaggerated it a little bit. I had fun with that part; Paul let me play with it, and I really got into it as we got into that scene!”

When asked how he might feel about playing an all-out villain someday, the sometimes-actor/full-time successful dentist has some interesting thoughts on the matter after laughing out loud at the notion: “I might like to do something like that, yeah. If I enjoy the script, I’m open to anything. I don’t think that would be a problem for me. I’m open doing more film work, so shoot, yeah, why not? It’d be great!”

Hardy does have stipulations when it comes to darker content, however, which makes perfect sense given CHOSEN’s more suspense-oriented, less gruesome nature. “If [a film] is done tastefully… I think my biggest concern is my family members.  I grew up in the conservative South, [so I] could do the role without a lot of violence—more mystery than violence. People are calling to offer me roles in films, and I’m really enjoying it, because it’s keeping my fingers wet until we do TROLL 2: PART 2.”

In the meantime, Dale reveals that we may not have seen the last of Hardy’s CHOSEN character. “George and I have talked about working on a comedy in the future, where he would reprise his televangelist role and would be a total ham, and a crook, which would be a lot of fun.”

See the trailer for CHOSEN below, stay tuned for more news and a review and visit the movie’s Facebook page.

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