The moon and a Mystery Machine are threatened in STRANDED (pictured above) and SATURDAY MORNING MYSTERY, both newly visible on VOD and also receiving theatrical and disc exposure. We’ve got exclusive clips from both to share.

STRANDED, on VOD and select big screens today and coming to DVD and Blu-ray August 27 from RLJ Entertainment and Image Entertainment, was directed by THE SENDER’s Roger Christian from a script he wrote with Christian Piers Betley, and stars Christian Slater. Despite all those Christians involved, this is not a religious picture but a sci-fi thriller about a military team at a U.S. moonbase threatened by a vicious, hungry lifeform after a meteor storm. Check out a making-of clip below:

SATURDAY MORNING MYSTERY, now on VOD and coming to theaters August 9 and DVD August 20 from XLrator Media, features a very familiar-seeming crew of four ghost hunters and their dog who seek out paranormal cases in a vintage van, and investigate an especially frightening situation involving an abandoned schoolhouse. Spencer Parsons directed; you can get a taste of it from this excerpt:


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