Exclusive clip: the opening of “ANIMUS”


An old hospital holds terror for the characters in ANIMUS, an independent horror feature hitting DVD next week. We’ve got an exclusive look at the story- and mood-setting opening scene.

Streeting next Tuesday, March 26 from Midnight Releasing, ANIMUS follows five film students as they venture into an infamous Arizona medical facility to shoot their final project. The place is supposed to be haunted, but they wind up being terrorized by something even worse then ghosts. Directed by Quin Davis, who also wrote and produced, and Wade Stai, the movie will be presented in 16×9-enhanced widescreen and accompanied by commentary on the DVD.

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  • anonymous

    This reminds me of early Sam Raimi (‘Crime wave’) or Peter Jackson’s (‘Bad taste’). It looks like great old school practical horror. I’m already a fan. Even with the small budget, I can tell this film maker is talented and I can’t wait to see ‘Animus’

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