EXCLUSIVE CLIP! Nightmare V. Reality: Imagining Shut In


Directed by Farren Blackburn, starring Naomi Watts, the psychological thriller “SHUT IN” debuted in theaters on November 11, 2016. Now, this heart-pounding film is hitting Blu-ray and DVD today, Feb. 28th! The release is equipped with Special Features: Nightmare V. Reality: Imagining Shut In and House on Delphi Lane: A Classic.

For those unfamiliar, check out the sinister synopsis:

Recently widowed child psychologist Mary Portman (Naomi Watts) lives an isolated existence caring for her bedridden stepson (Charlie Heaton) in rural New England. But when a young boy (Jacob Tremblay) Mary is treating goes missing in a snowstorm and is presumed dead, she becomes convinced that his ghost is haunting her…and soon Mary’s grip on reality turns as slippery as her icy surroundings.

We’ve got a sneak peek for you all inside the Special Feature “Nightmare V. Reality: Imagining Shut In”!

Watch the exclusive clip below:

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