Exclusive clip: Jon Voight as Van Helsing in “DRACULA: THE DARK PRINCE”


The latest established star to take a bite out of the role of vampire hunter Van Helsing is Jon Voight in DRACULA: THE DARK PRINCE, arriving next week. Get a taste of his turn in the legendary role after the jump.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment releases DRACULA: THE DARK PRINCE on DVD as a Walmart exclusive, as well as video-on-demand, digital HD and pay-per-view on Tuesday, October 15. Here’s the synopsis: “Once the honored and respected Prince of Wallachia, Dracula turned to the dark side after those whom he trusted most murdered his wife. After Dracula meets a beautiful crusader named Alina, he is convinced she is the reincarnation of his long-dead love and has her kidnapped. Alina’s companions, led by the renowned vampire hunter Van Helsing, set off in pursuit. Their thrilling journey takes them into savage country where they must fight nightmarish creatures and armies of the undead—culminating in an epic battle against the terrifying power and malice of the lord of the vampires.” Luke Roberts portrays Dracula, and the cast also includes Kelly Wenham, Ben Robson, Holly Earl and Stephen Hogan. The DVD, which retails for just $9.96, includes the following special features:

• Audio commentary by director Pearry Teo

• Cast interviews

• Behind-the-scenes featurette

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  • mormovies

    Another Dracula romance/reincarnation story? How is that possible?

  • will derkson

    nice nice NICE!! and Luke roberts as Dracula. Im a Jon Voight geek. EXCITED fan right here. Is there a website yet? wanna see more. and I hear ya below with the inquiry but I do believe there are many ways to re-live these adventures. and selling for only $9.99. Very cool especially with this cast. HAILS!!

  • Draxula

    Very good photography. The vampire girl at the end looks so stupid. Dialogues are horrible Looks like a cinemax fix. They will never recuperate the money. Boring.

  • BobbyinTN

    Dracula with blond hair? HELL NO. Will not waste my time on that piece of crap.

  • Okie Potawatomi Wolf

    Good movie

  • HelfieCh

    I like this movie , luke roberts as a romantic dracula, he is so charming guy

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