Exclusive clip: Hilton Sisters documentary “BOUND BY FLESH”


The documentary BOUND BY FLESH, about two of the most memorable performers from the horror classic FREAKS (pictured), was just released theatrically and on VOD including iTunes, and we’ve got an exclusive excerpt to share after the jump.

Released by Sundance Selects, BOUND BY FLESH was written and directed by Leslie Zemeckis and focuses on conjoined twins Daisy and Violet Hilton, who played the Siamese twins in FREAKS, Tod Browning’s still-disturbing 1932 film about treachery among a circus troupe, cast with real sideshow performers. A musical about the Hilton’s SIDE SHOW, was recently revived at Washington, DC’s Kennedy Center, and reportedly, Bette and Dot, the characters to be played by Sarah Paulson on the upcoming AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW were inspired by the Hiltons.

The BOUND synopsis: “Sold at birth into a world of exploitation, the sisters were literally joined at the hip and treated as a ‘freak of nature’ instead of the individuals that were more than alive on the inside. Daisy and Violet became slaves to their adoptive handlers, who groomed them to become sideshow and vaudeville superstars. The twins even appeared in MGM’s classic horror film, FREAKS. Unfortunately, the twins would see little of their fortunes after their money was pocketed by unscrupulous managers. Eventually, the sisters sued to gain their independence, only to become destitute after the world of show business passed them by. It wasn’t until the last six years of their lives that Daisy and Violet found a bit of normalcy and acceptance when a church community and some Good Samaritans in North Carolina gave them food, shelter and a life.” For more info on the release, click here.


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