Exclusive Clip: FANGO’s Upcoming L.A. Screening, “THE INTRUDERS”


L.A.-area FANGORIA fans are no doubt familiar with our upcoming free screening of THE INTRUDERS on Tuesday, February 24th, in which both star Miranda Cosgrove (pictured above) and director Adam Massey (pictured below) will be in attendance. Now, FANGORIA is excited to bring fans an exclusive clip from the film, which you can see below!

Once again, here’s the official synopsis for THE INTRUDERS:

College student Rose Halshford (Cosgrove) and her dad (Logue) learn every town has its secrets when they move into a musty, old house. When Rose discovers that the previous tenant mysteriously disappeared, leaving her possessions behind, she suspects her unfriendly neighbors know more than they let on.When Rose reports strange noises coming from inside the house, no one, not even Dad believes her, insisting that it’s all in her head. As Rose’s suspicions grow, she begins to fear that she may be the next victim of whatever or whoever has infiltrated her new home.

Director Adam Massey on the set of THE INTRUDERS

Director Adam Massey on the set of THE INTRUDERS

L.A. Area Fans, you can still RSVP to FANGORIA’s free screening of THE INTRUDERS this Tuesday here, but hurry: tickets are going quick, and seating is first come, first served. Furthermore, FANGORIA’s Rebekah McKendry will be there to give away some cool prizes from the fright flick. But don’t take our word for it, check out the exclusive clip from THE INTRUDERS below!

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